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Getting Healthy for Hagar

At the start of this year I weighed 90kgs...the heaviest I'd been in my life. I feel the most healthy (a far better gauge than BMIs etc in my opinion) when I sit somewhere between 75kg and 80kgs.

So Beks and I went on a weight loss challenge. I got myself down to 83kg. Then lockdown hit. Life got hard. And I spiralled.

"Comfort food here I come" was one of the unspoken mottos of my lockdown. Continue that through another few months of redundancy process, throw in a knee injury that hampered exercise, and I clocked in yesterday at 96kg!

A couple of things with that. 1. There is no shame in being whatever size or shape you are. For me this is about feeling healthy, not about trying to fit in with society's obsessive focus on looks. 2. As Juliagrace will tell you, physical fitness is an important aspect of mental wellness. Therefore this is important to me for my holistic well being.

And that's why I've decided to try to do something about it.

Sitting alongside that, a friend started a walking challenge, getting a crew together to walk 1445 kms over the month of September.

"Why 1445 you ask? Because the length of the Chinese/Vietnamese border, a known spot for human trafficking, is 1445km and so we want to walk that significant distance to raise awareness about trafficking and also make a donation to Hagar New Zealand's Vietnam work"

What a great kaupapa, and a fantastic, yet simple way of bringing a bit of heaven Down to Earth!

So naturally, I jumped on board.

And now helping my mental health, losing weight, feeling healthier, raising awareness of human trafficking and raising funds for Hagar can all go together!

It really is those small things that can help to bring a bit of heaven Down to Earth.

If you would like to contribute funds to Hagar and help fight human trafficking, PM me and I can give you the details.


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